How I got here

When I was in seventh grade I left for Christmas vacation and never went back. My grades suffered and I didn’t enjoy being around the other people. So my mom decided we should try homeschooling, and it went well.

When I was a Junior I got a job at a fast food restaurant, which I hated from day one. My manager and I hated each other. We argued and snapped at each other since the first time we worked together.

Then when I was a Senior, he pushed too hard. So I walked out in the middle of my shift.

I happily terminated my employment. That happiness didn’t last when I realized I didn’t have any money and a dog to support. What was I going to do?

So the next day I created this blog to share what I love doing, writing.

I have yet to work all the kinks in this freelance writing career but I plan on posting every Friday. I will post an update if anything changes, though.

I also apologize for any punctuation or grammatical errors. I didn’t plan on writing when I had English classes regularly so I paid very little attention. I edit myself and catch what I can. I will soon be starting more English classes so I can edit more efficiently.

As far as genres for my writing, I can write in whatever style I feel fits the idea the best. I also take prompts! If you enjoy my works please let me know!


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