It’s time

Clara rested her warm head against the cool window. Rain poured through the trees as the train raced through the forest. A cough racked through her shaky frame.

“Clara?” A soft voice was barely audible over the sound of the engine. His hand rested her small shoulder.

“I’m okay,” Her answering smile was fragile.

“I’m going to go call the doctor. We should be there soon,” He stood and left the small room and latched the door.

Clara pulled the blanket tighter around her shoulders. She watched the trees fly past and listened to the loud, monotone hum of the train’s engine.

“Hello,” A gravelly male voice came from the seat in front of her.

Clara raised her head weakly, “Are you Him?”

The old man wore a nice black suit, his ashen skin contrasted his solid black eyes, “You’ve been expecting me.”

Clara’s laugh broke off to a harsh cough. Fresh red droplets landed on her jeans.

The old man reached out with a clean, white handkerchief wiping away the blood from her chin with freezing fingers.

“Can I have a few more minutes with him? Please?” Clara glanced at the door.

“Of course,” He smiled and leaned against the seat.

They sat in silence, watching out the window until the door slid opened.

“We will be there by morning,” he said and sat beside Clara, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. The suited man continued to watch out the window.

“Dance with me,” Clara stood on her shaky legs.

“You should rest,” He quickly stood to steady her.

Clara reached over to the iPod sitting on the nightstand, “I want to dance.”

Music filled the room and wrapped her arms around him.

“Okay,” he whispered as they swayed to the music.

Clara met the suited man’s eyes and nodded. She rested her head on his shoulder.

“We will fix this,” he whispered.

A freezing hand rested against her back and she smiled. Death started humming with the song and Clara’s eyelids drooped, “I love you, Daddy.”


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