Jack leaned against the wide trunk of the tree, letting his legs dangle on either side of the thick branch he was sitting on. Rain tapped against the layer of leaves sheltering him from the gray sky. The ivory hunting blade stabbed into the bark between his swinging legs reflected the occasional glimpse of the setting sun onto his face.

The rain was coming down harder now and distant claps of thunder echoed throughout the surrounding fields. He had been sitting in this tree for hours on end, but he was hunting. Waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The sound of crunching leaves could be heard in between the raindrops. The sound of someone running for their life. Frantic footsteps.

They stopped on the other side of the trunk.

Jack smiled and listened to the shaky breathing and the soft sobs. All other noise was drowned out, unimportant.

The footsteps rounded the tree, calmer. They were safe here. Safe from the rain. Safe from whatever was chasing them.

Light drew his attention as they raised a cell phone, searching for any signal in the storm. They were too far from town to get a bar.

Pulling the knife from the branch and jumping from the branch, the thunder hiding the sound of his impact.

“Please, please, plea-” Her pleas were cut off by a hand clamping down on her mouth. She screamed and clawed at the gloved hand.

Jack hummed as he slid down the tree, dragging her into his lap. His finger and thumb pinched her nose shut and her fighting increased, desperate for air.

She wore out easily, barely conscious when the steel tip of that hunting blade dragged softly against her bare stomach. A second heartbeat.

The knife stilled at her belly button, pressing hard enough to draw a trail of red down her belly. Jack kissed her hairline, right behind her ear.

“Please,” She choked, “I’m pregnant.”

“It was a mistake,” Jack snarled and stabbed the knife into her abdomen.

Her scream rang louder than any clap of thunder as she fell limp in Jack’s arms. He hushed the shaking woman and stood, letting her slump against the tree. He wrapped her hand around the ivory hilt of the knife and brushed the hair out her face.

He glanced back one last time at his work before walking into the cold, wet night. He left the young girl to bleed out, alone, all for a couple hundred bucks.


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