This is me

Who is me? Well, how should I know? I’m seventeen. But what I do know is that I love writing. So that’s what I am doing.

Here a little triva on me:

When I was in seventh grade I left public school. I left for Christmas vacation and never went back. I am currently home-schooled.

I live with my parents, brother, and our three dogs in Wisconsin.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and…er…actually I don’t like the beach. I enjoy driving my ATV through the woods and hiking.

I am a huge nerd. I like pop culture but I am a nerd about weird things too, like religious mythologies and plain old folklore. I play too many video games and watch too many movies.

I am a Leo. While I do not particularly believe in astrology and the like, I find it incredibly interesting.

I do however believe in ghosts, the paranormal, *mermaids, and aliens.

However I do not believe in ‘psychics’ or anyone who claims to have the ability to see/predict the future. I believe some people can be sensitive to spirits and the paranormal, but no one can know the future.

I am currently working on writing a book series and trying to make a living as an author.

I will add more trivia as I accomplish things. As I stated, I am only 17 and obviously have a lot to do yet in life.

*How much of the Earth’s oceans have we explored? Once we have explored every inch of this Earth I will cease my belief in such things.